It was a splash!

Hi Family!

Oh my gosh! Water rides, lazy rivers, wave pools, friends and family… What a perfect day.

How does your tan look?


Thank you for joining Lori Alvarez and Team at one of the best water parks, Raging Waters in San Dimas!

What was Lori’s favorite part?

Spending time with you all! Did you catch her at the splash pool waterfall and at lunch time?

Lori said,

Breaking bread or should I say our awesome clients ate ribs and I ate fruit. It was a blast to just sit and talk with all the families and just enjoy another family moment with them all.

And speaking of you all! Can you believe we had over 100 people attend?? We thought 100 was going to do it, but boy oh boy, we went above and beyond that number and made it happen!


Yum, yum! We hoped you liked the barbecue! Did you know Lori doesn’t eat ribs?

Sorry about the bees! It seems the bees loved us and the meat too!

We want to extend a huge thank you to your adaptability! As we continue to provide these events more we will only get better at giving you an amazing experience! Bumps and waves always happen, but we are determined to improve time and time again! So, thank you to all of those that sent in their feedback. As we plan for future events we will keep your event suggestions in mind!

Congratulations to all our raffle winners! Here’s a few!


Check out the pictures in the gallery below!

What was your favorite ride? Can’t remember the rides? Go here!

Nathan Alvarez shared his favorite ride was Neptune’s Fury! Did you ride it?

Oh and we can’t forget the little ones!

Amy and her family tipped their toes at splash island and enjoyed being lazy!

She said,

My favorite part was seeing how big all the kids are now since we've helped them buy their home and watching them have all fun! We spent a lot of time in splash island with the lil ones who couldn't go on any rides and enjoyed relaxing in the lazy river.


Our team loves having the opportunity to be a part of your family! It’s wonderful to see everyone grow up and to watch you flourish! Thank you for choosing us! We hope your tan lines are poppin’ and your smiles are shinin’!

And like that, it’s over and on to the next.

That day just flew by!

It was just great to spend time watching their families play together and smile. I love watching them all just smile together.
— Lori Alvarez

Yup. Family. It’s the heart of Lori Alvarez and Team.

Thank you for letting us do what we do.

Be blessed by blessing someone else.

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