Reflecting on Goals

Goals goals.

We certainly all have them. The bigger question is, are we all achieving them? It’s difficult, to be honest. But that’s what makes life exciting.  If you don’t have anything to live for, dreams, aspirations, and I wanna do’s, what are you working towards? Are you already thinking about 2020?

As Lori sat down and pondered her own personal goals, she decided to list them out and share them with you.


Were my goals SMART goals?

Wow, we are less than 76 days away from 2020 and I am looking at the goals that I had set for 2019. Am I on track?

Prayerful planning assures our goals are in line with God’s. Who are we not helping in God’s plan because we are not reaching our goals? Wow, that’s a thought! To prayerfully think over, whether you are faith-based or not, I share this only so you may know where my heart comes from. The ways that you process your thoughts and values may be mindfulness or meditation or in any other ways that allow you to reflect.

  1. Building stronger, deeper, and meaningful relationships - that's my one thing in all I do God, family, and business - in that order.

  2. In order to do that, I must invest time in all areas and that takes intentional thinking and prayerful guidance.

  3. So how do I get there is through my calendar and the daily activities I do, which does get thrown off point at many times throughout the day?

Goals for 2019:


Always my first priority - We live a life of Faith, Family, and Business:

🙌 four hubby and wife vacays - to keep us close and bonded together - done! ✅

🙌 two family vacays - families that play together just stay rooted together - shoot, need a winter one!?!?

🙌 four personal growth development seminars - always willing to learn and be a better version of me every day! - done! ✅

🙌 21% body fat - darn I’m behind! A healthier body leads to a healthier me!

🙌 monthly family nights - life is so much better with support and real connection! - We have hit 7 out of 12 months. With the help of my amazing daughter in love, Destiny Alvarez wanting to also keep us connected, I know that we can hit all 12 months next year!

Keeping my personal commitments, my promises to my family, and to my business.. well that just adds another layer! Do I aim for perfection? Not reasonable, so I aim for being present in the moment when it comes to my family, friends, and my business. Present in the moment. I look, as though, I may be on track, but then I step into the business side and that stretches me even more.


Do I really want to serve those extra families? Yes! Why?

Becoming a better person leads to a better world!
— Lori Alvarez

Diana Kokoszka, CEO of MAPS Coaching and one of my great mentors and equally amazing woman business owners, teaches us that anything less than 100% commitment to our goals equals sabotage. That said, is it the market or our activities that has placed us in a position of lowering our goals to help less than we did the prior year? No, actually, we have increased business this year; just not enough to hit the goal.

A healthy business grows by 10% year over year. If you are not growing, you are shrinking. If that’s okay with you, then be okay with it, it's not with me (unless its in my fat loss HAHA). We have grown just a bit over 10%, just not hitting the goal. How far off from, in your mind, our now year-end goals am I? We are behind by about 30%. What would it take to get us back on track? An intentional new lead revenue system added to the business. Is that what I need? Here at Keller Williams, a company that is ranked in the top 5% in training and culture, states we are just one relationship / hire or system short of our goal. What model or system am I not currently using, that needs to be implemented immediately, would help me get to my year-end goal? Who do I have to become to implement changes to reach my goals? Change, Change, Change - that can be so uncomfortable.

Our Business Numbers, behind the scenes:

🙌 102 families moved into their next home sweet home - we are behind and yet on track for 75. We will shoot to stretch that goal again for 2020. What you focus on, expands! We got this team: Amy Cruz, Nathan Alvarez, Rhonda Martinez, Nolan Alvarez, Amanda Holland, and Eric Alvarez!

🙌 Monthly client events to value and appreciate them - almost there! We hit 9 out of 12 and we even forgot some. I am thankful for those around me who have showed me grace in my failures. Together in failures is where growth happens. With support and creativity, we will only get better thanks to Rhonda Martinez and Nathan Alvarez!

🙌 Quality and valuable business posts and video content on our website and social sites! - Bam! that’s happening consistently, thanks to the support of Amanda Holland and Quinn Nolan. We knocked that out of the park for 2019! You can find that at or Lori's Listings & Real Estate News to Inspire on Facebook. Also, on IG at Lori Alvarez & Team - done and only getting stronger for 2020 ✅

🙌 Profit and Loss Statement and the money that flows through us - so much better and still growing! We work on it weekly and look at the numbers daily. I am told I need to hire someone to help us with this. I am told that I am in place where this is to be left to a professional and I should review it daily, so who is the hire and how will they help me? I am thankful my beautiful daughter in love, Destiny Alvarez, who helped me with it this last year and my CPA who helps me get the numbers straight and yet, I still need more direction, who do you know that I should know?

🙌 One last personal / business goal - read 12 books 📚 this year! - I realized 30 days ago that I was behind! Now I’m on double time and I have only read 9 books with only have 3 more to go! This is one that I know will blow my 2020 into exactly what God has next! Here we go baby!

The question is not about the goals; it’s about the commitment to the goals. What is the purpose of setting goals should we have no intention to be committed to achieving them?

The question is not about the goals; it’s about the commitment to the goals. What is the purpose of setting goals should we have no intention to be committed to achieving them?
— Lori Alvarez

Final thoughts

I do believe they were SMART goals. They were achievable and adaptable. I love to push myself into a challenge. I also have to allow myself to step into uncomfortable in all areas of my life, personally, physically, spiritually, and in my business world. A stronger leader has to sit in the uncomfortable in order to do what is needed for others to succeed. The increase in numbers and the increase in relationships allow for me to be a better person. Becoming a better person leads to a better world! I spent time today discussing energy, the things around us, and how we show up and use that energy! Which then led to a conversation about mothers - who and what they are to us? So here I am again sitting and thinking upon the woman, wife, mother, mentor, and business owner that I am to be and how I can inspire my family to only conquer their dreams.

Don’t settle for less than your dream, so put your goals in place and hit your activities today because what you do today will show up in 2020. My 2020 is gonna rock! Life feels so much better together, and in 2020 we are going to be sure we focus on that one thing, doing life together with intentional plans, activities, and goal setting.

Let us know how we can help you with your goals for 2020, not just setting them also obtaining them. Making dreams come true feels so good! 😊

Have any goals you’d like to share for 2020? Comment below! Or send us an email!

Lori Alvarez


Be boldly blessed.

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