Pool OR NO Pool, that is the Dippy question!

Just Swimming! 

I often get the question when speaking with my clients should I buy a house with a pool? Should I just add a pool to my home? How much is a pool these days in value when selling my home? How much is the pool worth when I go to purchase  home? All worthy questions so lets swim upstream and explore! 

Question 1: Lori Should I buy a house with a pool? 

So I ask you do you love to swim yourself? You will be the caretaker of the pool, you will be the one whom pays for it on a monthly basis and work through any an all issues that may arise from it. So I ask first is your time worthy of dealing with it? If the answer is yes... then lets go yet another level deeper... 


Question 2: Well Lori should I just put a pool in after the fact? 

So again I ask you one have you done the research does the space you are considering to putting the pool in even allow for it? You need to be sure you contact the city and or any other necessary public private entities to be sure you can dig in the space or what your alternatives are. Once you have verified that information and you can dig and drop the pool in, then we go another level deeper. Now we are really moving into deep waters... hold on we are treading now! 

Question 3: Lori, How much value does the pool add to my home? 

Here is the thing a pool is such a personal item for personal use and enjoyment, no everyone loves pools! Not everyone wants to deal with a pool! So when adding a pool you are either going to attract or detract peeps from your home. Its just the way it is. I have been told from various appraisers that pools add about a $15,000 value to your home! Well let me tell you pools definitely cost more than that and they do not have to and yet they can. So your return on investment logically isn't really there in my personal opinion. Yet the memories created around a pool and friends and family are priceless! So then the return on investment just may be their in waves! 

Question 4: Lori how much is the pool worth, when selling or buying my home? 

Deeper waters yet... pools really again are a personal enjoyment feature. So when pricing out a home to buy or sell you just take a pool and adjust the value one way or another to show the comparable value of a home. The reality is your house is worthless to a family who doesn't want anything to do with a pool.. and believe me those buyers are out there everyday! They say "Lori Alvarez please do not show me any homes with a pool." That is to say they won't even look at your house walk through the door should you have a pool! On the flip side I do have a few buyers here and there that say, "I only want to see a home with a pool! Boy that one is even more so rare! 

Pools are like treading in uncertain waters...peeps either love them or not! So the price of a pool is for you and only you to decide, does it make sense? I end with this as you are treading in deep waters...happy swimming! 

Just keep swimming, keep swimming, and swimming! 

Just keep on treading! 

Just keep on treading! 

Enjoying the great outdoors, in the backyard bar!    

Enjoying the great outdoors, in the backyard bar!