Realtor or NOT!

So you think you want to be a real estate agent?! So the really amazing thing about this particular career is the opportunities it provides to everyone committed to success. Depending on what you are ACTIVELY WILLING to do to make it happen is how SUCCESSFUL you will become. What you personally decide is successful is again your decision. For me this year it is helping total of  100 families / investors make their move. We are also excited when we hit that 100th family we cant wait to give back to the charity of our choice with a 100% donation of that 100th commissions check!!  

Every year we look forward to evaluating our business and establishing our goal and together we strive for it! 

So here it is; 

The day in a life of a successful realtor is: time blocked, calendar managed, and a disciplined day! What my day specifically looks like! I arrive at the office at 8:15 am - review my calender for the day and then move right into scripting and role playing with my fellow realtors. This allows for me to practice, practice, and practice, so that I can be the best realtor for my clients! The thing is on scripting buyers and sellers have theirs; " How much does the house cost?" SO to answer that effectively on behalf of my clients is crucial! Practice practice! 

From their I go into follow up on a daily basis from 9-11 making calls to my friends / clients, family, and neighbors to catch up with them and of course find the business that is needed for my clients! I also will go out on a daily basis to the neighborhood and visit the areas my clients want to live in to door knock and find their dream home, not all homes are found in the mls these days! 

A proactive realtor is the way you will find the business and keep happy clients! I will continue through with my day at some point around 12/1 pm I am having lunch (my assistant is generally reminding and scavenging me some yummy meal, in my perfecto REALTOR world!  Then I go into any lead follow up that is necessary, another MUST HAVE of the business, staying up on the opportunities that are presented in front of you for business. Now as a side bar I am a mommy also so I am at this point now running out to grab my kids and get them to their next destination. Once they are settled I am right back into any client appointments to view homes and / or meet with clients whom are ready and needing to sell or buy their next home. My day usually comes to an end about 3 pm unless every once in awhile I have an evening appointment.

That is a great day in real estate - clients in the home of their choice with exceptional negotiating skills that happens - (under contract in escrow) and families ready to sell their home (under contract and receiving offers)!

Clients are the heart of your business! If they don't love you, you can guarantee you will be out of business before you even get started.

So when you have obtained your first client and then they send you another client and another (they are the best type of clients take care of them!). This is what it takes to stay in business. It is important that when you agree to help a new client that you must do your absolute best for them and their family.

What does doing your best mean? Well it means finding the right home for your client. So how do you go about finding their home, it's by getting to know your client and their dreams. It means interacting with your client on a level that allows you to know what their needs are in their home. Once you know their needs and desires then you must get out there and search for it. When I am out looking for my clients home it means I am: door knocking, using the telephone, and advertising / marketing. It is also important to be actively involved in the community your client is looking to purchase in, you as the Realtor must be knowledgeable and well advised as they are relying on you to guide them in the right direction. Though we can not do what is to be considered "steering", they do rely on us to be able to update them as to where to find the valuable information to help them determine what is a great neighborhood for them to live in is. 

Who do you know? 

As a successful realtor you must be willing to step outside of your comfort place and into a place of adventure. You must do all the necessary activities mentioned above that are required and so much more to get your business started and keep it thriving. So great news you have committed to start this journey - so let's get going!  The proper education is necessary to obtain your real estate license. Here is one of the schools we recommend There are lots of other options as well, just explore and do what you feel is best (and is accredited). Once all your schooling is complete, passed all the courses, it's on to the DRE (Department of Real Estate) Exam.  Once you have passed the exam follow the necessary steps to completing the licensing requirements and then you must find the office that best suits you! Of course in my opinion that would be my office with Keller Williams Realty. Our core beliefs are: God, family and then the business! Keep your business in that order and you will find great success and be blessed! 

So now you have your license and you can sell some real estate or do so much more in the business and when you decide you want to be the Top Realtor like Lori Alvarez & Team is. This is when your business comes alive! It's when your business goes up another level!  Should you want to join our team contact us at or call us at the office.. we are always looking for amazingly determined peeps who know how to be phenomanl people that just want to exceed expectations!  

 Lori Alvarez & Team with kw Realty follow the Millionaire Real Estate Model (MREA) to build her families team! This is all possible with the support and training of kw Realty and all the necessary tools to build a career worth having, business worth owning, and lives worth living! Our team is always looking for that next rock star so if you think you have what it takes, schedule an appointment with our office at 909/227-4196  or Lori Alvarez & Team for an initial assessment test.

  Looking forward to being in business with you! 

About the Author – Lori Alvarez is the CEO of Lori Alvarez & Team, kw Realty East Foothills who has been building her family legacy since February 2007.   Where by the blessings and graces of God she has taken her team to be #1 Listing and Sales Agent for 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 in her KW College Park office.  She uses the MREA (Millionaire Real Estate Agent) models as an operations manual, many other amazing mentors, and her faith in God! Lori Alvarez can be reached by e-mail at OR friend me on facebook OR Tweets available on Twitter! However my favorite is by phone at 909-227-4196! 

Be blessed by blessing someone else first! 

'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11





Here is the Team from left to right; Bethany Gonzalez, Realtor, Lori Alvarez, Realtor / CEO, Amy Cruz, Realtor, Nick Alvarez, Events Coordinator, Nathan Alvarez, Realtor and Team Manager! 

Here is the Team from left to right; Bethany Gonzalez, Realtor, Lori Alvarez, Realtor / CEO, Amy Cruz, Realtor, Nick Alvarez, Events Coordinator, Nathan Alvarez, Realtor and Team Manager!