Where do I begin to buy a home?

Have you thought about buying a new home but don’t know where to start? Are you intimidated by the daunting steps that lie ahead in making your next decision?

Well we are here to help! Lori Alvarez and Team’s own Amy Cruz is an amazing Buyer’s Agent that has been in the business for 5 years. And along that journey she’s become the perfect guide to the Journey to you next Home.

Here’s what it’s like to work with Lori Alvarez and Team!

So what do you get when you work with us?

  1. A map of the escrow process

  2. A fantastic lender

  3. A fantastic agent

  4. Preview of homes

Let’s walk straight into the first step to your Journey Home.

Step 1: You’ve decided to buy a home

Now what?

Step 1

Make a decision

Relax. Home buying isn’t as daunting as you think! Deciding to buy a home is a huge step in your journey, especially if you have never owned a home before!

So let’s think a little deeper into this decision.

How’s your work history?

Has your income recently changed?

Did you switch jobs?

How’s your savings?

Are you prepared for a down payment and closing costs?

Are you saving consistently?

How’s your credit history?

Are you on top of your payments?

Have you obtained a credit report?

How much can you afford?

How much do you make and spend in a month?

Have you contacted a mortgage lender?

Now what?
In the words of Amy Cruz:

“GREAT! Let’s get you pre approved and se your buyers consultation up! Then we will go out and start looking at some great homes that fit just right for you and your family’s needs!”

So now that you have that thought and thunk…

Step 2: You need to get pre approved for a loan

Step 2

Get approved

Uh, approved? Yup. You need to shop around and see who is the right fit. Who is your mortgage soul mate? You can’t make an offer on a home without ensuring there are some sparks in the air with your finances!

So what does it mean to get prequalified for a loan?

Being prequalified for a loan is a fancy way of saying that a lender has looked into your finances and all of your credit history to determine if you can borrow X amount of money. How does this benefit you? It allows you to narrow down the market of the homes you’re looking in to. It’s never a fun experience to find your dream home and then be forced to walk away from it because you didn’t have the proper financing lined up.

“We will connect you with the lender that is best for you.” - Amy

You ask, is there anything I shouldn’t do when buying a home?

Most definitely there are some things! Don’t plan on financing a car, furniture, or any other crazy purchases. Why? That may affect your loan! If you end up financing a bunch of other things that will turn into extra debt and it may alter the pre-approval for your home.

We’re here every

step of the way.

We hope these tidbits help you on your journey!

Feel free to contact us at Lori@lorialvarez.net and Follow Us to Your Dream Home or call us at 909.227.4196.

This is a part of a series so be on the look our for our next post coming out—part two where we cover some of the questions you may be asked about your dream home during your Buyer’s Consultation.

Thanks for reading.

Be boldly blessed.

Disclaimer always verify all the info with the licensed professional of your choice and make that us! ☎️ Call us at 909-227-4196!

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