What questions will my Buyer's Agent ask?

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Yay! Welcome to part two!

So, now that you’ve decided to buy a home and you have gotten pre-approved for a loan it’s time to begin an exciting part—Your home search with an agent! You’re just one step closer to previewing some locations.

Step 3:

What home are you looking for?

Often you will meet with a Buyer’s Specialist at the office or an agreed upon location.

Now, this part is absolutely for your benefit! It’s your chance to ask all of the questions you have and we will do our best to answer them for you in detail. We want to make sure you get into your dream home. To make sure that happens, we will ask you a bunch of questions and dream with you!

Get everyone involved!

Get dinner and dream up your home!

Some basic questions your Buyer’s Agent ask may be:

  • Will you have guests visiting a lot?

  • What’s your lifestyle?

  • Any accommodations such as ramps?

  • Do you have a boat, or RV?

  • Any furry friends?

  • How many rooms do you want?

  • How many bathrooms?

Or possibly local questions such as:

  • What cities do you want to be in?

  • Are schools important?

  • What feel of a neighborhood?

  • Nearby grocery stores, etc?

Or our personal favorite:

What do you want your home to say about you?

What do you want people to feel when they walk into your home? What does the home say? Is it welcoming? Warm? Cozy? Upscale? Go away and leave me alone? Because if you desire that I think the world has created some welcome mats for that. But seriously! Think about the emotional side of what you desire to find in your dream home.

So now that you’ve created and entire Pinterest board of dreams with us we can get to work on house hunting.

Now of course—thoughts change and new pins of beautiful homes are discovered—so anytime during the process you can ask more questions and update us on where your dream is heading.

Another big question to consider is...

What’s your current living situation?

  • Are you on a lease?

  • Is it month to month?

  • When is the lease over?

  • Can you give a 30 day notice to your owner?

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to properly let your old residence know that you are planning to move. It is especially important to also let your buyer’s agent know this information so they can get you into a new place on time.

But certainly let your owner know! It’s the best thing you can do to make this an easy transition for everyone.

This little guy would like to know…

This little guy would like to know…

When is a great time to move?

Amy Cruz says, “I feel like the holidays is a great time for buyers. You have less competition with other buyers so you can possibly get a better deal.

No matter the time of the year you begin your home search with the right team and the right heart you will find your dream home!

Call and text your agent!

Don’t be afraid! Trust me, you’re not bugging them.

They’re here for you.

They are walking this journey with you! They will do their best to lead you to your dream home.

Want a sneak at what it’s like? Check out the video below!

We hope these tidbits help you on your journey!

Feel free to contact us at Lori@lorialvarez.net and Follow Us to Your Dream Home or call us at 909.227.4196.

This is a part of a series so be on the look our for our next post coming out—part three where we cover some of the escrow process at your Buyer’s Consultation.

Thanks for reading.

Be boldly blessed.

Disclaimer always verify all the info with the licensed professional of your choice and make that us! ☎️ Call us at 909-227-4196!

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