What is a loyalty agreement?

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Part 7: What is a loyalty agreement?

Whew! It’s the end of the journey. The finding an agent and beginning the search part at least! You’ve finally arrived at the signing stage of hiring a Buyer’s Agent.

Don’t remember what a Buyer’s Agent is?

Buyer’s Agent

They’re your eyes and ears on the market, constantly on the hunt to find you home sweet home match.

They’re also the ones that negotiate the contract for you as the process moves along.

Why would you want a buyer’s agent?

  • Years of experience

  • Connections and rapport in industry

  • Handles negotiations

  • Availability to schedule appointments

  • Early access to information

  • Free of charge to the buyer

Now let’s get back to what this article is about.

What’s a Loyalty Agreement?

In simple terms, a loyalty agreement is stating that the “buyer” is giving exclusive rights to the “broker” to locate and procure property for them.

This is a buyer’s rep agreement. This is stating that our team is working for you, and you are working with us.
— Amy Cruz

In the end, the buyer has the ultimate decision to pursue or place and offer on a property or not.
It’s important to have a loyalty agreement with an agent. You can hand over our business card and we can take the discussion with other agents from there and advise you along the way.

For example, you’re driving on a breezy Sunday afternoon and you see an open house sign, you may decide to go and take a look. Agents hosting the open house are going to be there looking to make a sale (because that’s their duty) and we know that.

So if you contact another agent directly it immediately gets rid of our negotiating power. If you mention something that indicates you’re willing to pay more, or compromise, or anything else that benefits their own client they’re representing, they’re going to look to get their client a higher profit.

“We know how to negotiate and how to talk with other realtors.”
— Amy Cruz

We want to save you money. So we’re going to communicate your needs in the best way possible to make that great deal happen.

If you attend an open house and they have a sign in sheet you can always use your agent’s contact information. Just simply let they agent representing at the open house know that they can contact your agent with any information.

Can I cancel the agreement?

Sometimes things happen and you may want to back out of the loyalty agreement. We understand. We at Lori Alvarez and Team offer a 24 hour clause. So all you need to do is tell us within 24 hours of signing the contract that you don’t want to continue the process.

“You just got to give us notice. Simple as that.”

Why would I back out of a loyalty agreement?

So what things may happen that make you want to back out?

  1. You find another realtor

  2. You change your mind on purchasing right now

  3. It’s just not working out

Wondering what to do next? Or what else there is to do and understand? Well, keep a look out for the next series covering more topics!

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