Best Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

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Once upon a time there was a quaint cottage that sat high on the hill, known as The Market. As the seasons came and went the cottage grew lonely. The family had moved on and life soon left the heart of the uniquely painted and adorned walls.

Before : Muddy colors break the house details apart drastically and doesn’t match the front yard.

Before: Muddy colors break the house details apart drastically and doesn’t match the front yard.

So on the Market it sat. And sat. Watching the sun set on its yellowed walls.

Then along came a heroine. The bringer of life—the stylish, heel wearing, license bearing woman—Lori Alvarez.

She wielded her business card and talked, and talked, and talked...

Do we drop the price? Do we change the plants? My oh my what do we do?

So she stared at the quaint cottage with client in hand, and said—"ok let’s think out of the box here! What to do next?!”

With a hearty meal and happy bellies in tow the two got to work.

After : Nice and simple tones match the exterior front yard desert look perfectly.

After: Nice and simple tones match the exterior front yard desert look perfectly.

The over night fresh paint splashed the walls and dreams in the house came alive—adorning its cream tones waiting for the one it would call its owner.

And on the third night the time had come. The owner.

And the two lived happily ever after.

How long did it take to sell?

Three days.

So how much did that makeover cost?


The return on investment?

Priceless for the family.

Priceless moments ..... heart to heart conversations & families helping families! That is what we do best ... We problem-solve and we sure don’t give up on you!
— Lori Alvarez

Have you been thinking about selling your home?

Are you struggling to get it sold on the market?

Maybe it’s time to paint your home

Typically painting your home with a fresh coat is a great idea before listing your home. Why? It’ll increase the value of your home and bring in top dollar. Just like our last client paint can really change the look of your curb appeal, and the number of potential buyers.

Why Paint Color Matters

when selling your home

Is your home falling flat?

Does it feel dingy?

Is it too eclectic?

Changing the color of your home can be a difficult task.

With so many to choose from where do you start?

One has to look beyond the paint and into the soul, into the bones of the home.

First impressions of the home are extremely important when trying to sell your home. Nice curb appeal and proper maintenance will increase the value a buyer sees because it’s nice, clean, move-in-ready, and is pleasant to stare at. Remember, quality is key. “Seeing potential” may make a home buyer hesitate because they don’t want all the extra work.

We have all probably heard of “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but have you heard of

Don’t judge a home by its paint?

It’s definitely easier said that done. It may not be that easy for a home buyer to envision their life when crazy colors pop on your window shutters and walls.

Remember when painting your front door red was all the rage?

Well, now we’ve dipped in the blues. That’s right—painting your house navy blue is a great choice to increase the value of your home. It screams “hey I’m calm, serene, and beautiful to stare at.”

Every year, Zillow releases an analysis of paint colors from thousands of listings on their site. Now of course, paint isn’t a one wall fits all situation, but it certainly can indicate a trend for value research.

How much does it cost to repaint a home? Well, estimates suggest it can be as much as $3,000-$5,000.

Zillow research found that a yellow home exterior actually decreases the value of your home.

When in doubt, choose neutral colors. Why? This allows the next home owner to envision their own thoughts and ideas better. If you leave the canvas blank you free the Buyers to paint their own dream home.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing a paint color are:

  1. Windows

    The amount of light entering the room can alter the tone of your paint choice.

  2. Decor

    Pops of color and tones in your decor can either help and worsen the contrasts.

  3. Size

    Darker shades make a room feel smaller and lighter shades help to widen the space.

Best colors based on room:

Bathrooms: Blues

Dining rooms: Browns/ Gray-Blues

Kitchen: Tuxedo Styles/Gray-Blues

Bedrooms: Blues

Living Rooms: Gray-Browns / Light Beiges

Exterior: Beiges /Grays

Front door: Navy Blue

Worst colors based on room:

Bathrooms: Whites

Dining Rooms: Reds

Kitchens: Yellows

Bedrooms: Pinks

Living Rooms: Blues

Exterior: Yellows

If a color choice still has you scratching your head, take the gamble and choose between blue, brown, gray, or beige and you’ll probably have a great result!

Before : Faded pink tones that blend with the white details.

Before: Faded pink tones that blend with the white details.

After : Doesn’t that criss-cross window detail just pop?

After: Doesn’t that criss-cross window detail just pop?

Do you have a favorite tried and true color?

Don’t agree with the choices? Comment your thoughts down below.

Thanks for reading.

Be boldly blessed.

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