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I have known Lori since elementary school and recent got back in touch via Facebook. I have my own real estate license but when it came time to short sell my home, which you cannot do yourself, I contacted Lori Alvarez with Keller Williams Realty. She was awesome. She was in constant contact with the bank. We also have a HELOC and she was able to negotiate with them as well. In no time at all our house was sold! She is one of the best agents I know. If you need your house sold she will get it done! Thanks again Lori! 
— Bryan Stephens
It was a real pleasure and a wonderful experience to have you as our realtor in the past few months we were very anxious to have a house after a long time of looking but I can tell you that you made this period a much easier one with us. I like the way you were always on top of things and the way of responding to us quickly. I like the way that you always made us feel that we are the most important and our needs are priorities to you, and what I really want to thank you about is your caring and how patient you were with us and the children they love you even my less than perfect 2 year old one. I will always recommend you to family and friend and if I ever I had to repeat this experience I would choose you in a heartbeat. Bottom line we trust you very much and can’t wait to invite you to our new home this time as a dear friend.
— Sam & Siba Dalati
Lori for you to share I recently made the move from Orange County to the Inland Valley — it was a difficult move because I didn’t think anything would compare to the cool temperatures of coastal living where I lived for nearly 40 years. I discovered Lori while Internet serfing for homes. Her on-line marketing and knowledge of the real estate game caught my eye. I contacted her and it was clear Lori was a VERY FRIENDLY AND ENERGETIC PERSON, eager to help me. My search took place when the market was filled with great interest rates. Cash buyers were scooping everything in sight, which left me running after homes. Lori showed me many homes, always indulging me on my requests. She never wore out. Lori went BEYOND THE RESPONSIBILITY OF A REALTOR. I was filled with questions and requirements for the home I searched. Most always Lori had answers but if she didn’t, she dipped into her many resources and quickly got back to me. She had GREAT KNOWLEDGE of the various communities, IDEAS on how to improve a home and what to look for in a home knowing what my needs were. When we finally found a home that suited me, I ran into a Twelfth-Hour problem with my lender because they dealt with too much red tape. I was facing the deadline for the Federal and State First Time Home Buyer credits and couldn’t wait on my lender. THANKS TO LORI, she connected me with a lender who brought my loan to a speedy, successful close. Lori is PROFESSIONAL, PUNCTUAL, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and became a GREAT FRIEND who got me through some very stressful times. Thank you, Lori — I’ll always come calling on you for my real estate needs.
— A Greatful Buyer
With a big sigh of relief, Gerald and I and my entire family extend our sincere gratitude and endless thanks for finally finding my son a beautiful home of his own! Like a very faithful and loyal wife, you stuck with us through this seemingly interminable search for a home. You were always there at the right time whenever we felt like giving up hope. Your unrelentless and “CAN DO” attitude and ever present smile allowed us to continue on with the “futile search” for a new home. Your encouraging words gave us the energy to do so. We are very fortunate indeed to have chosen you as our realtor. You have set such a high standard in the real estate arena that I may never again find another realtor as tenacious, helpful, courteous and charming as you are. If I ever decide to find another home, or should the need arise for our friends to do the same, rest assured you will be representing us.
— Carlos Pebenito
Hi Lori, Thank you for all your help. If I know anyone who is looking for a great team to help them out I will highly recommend you and Jim. I appreciate all you’ve done.
— Jeanne Egan
Lori, I hope all is well with you, your family and your business. I am hoping that you can use this to grow your business. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime. My experience with Lori has been one of the highlights of buying my first home. For close to two years Lori made me feel as though I were her only customer! When I first came to Lori my desires were very specific yet unrealistic for that time in the market. It took well over a year to find my new home and during that time Lori never made me feel as though I was wasting her time or being unrealistic in my desired location and budget. She just kept sending me properties and we would go and look at them. There were times when we would have multiple offers out just waiting for someone to accept my offer. Throughout the process of finding our home Lori really got to know me and my boys. She really looked out for me and my finances as far as the cost of renovation or repairs. Lori has firsthand experience with the potential cost of upgrades as she has renovated her own homes throughout the years and she used this experience to expose potential needed repairs. As we looked at houses she knew which ones would be too much work or money for me to bring them up to living condition. Clearly Lori was not just trying to make the sale, but along side of us wanted us to find a HOME that we would be happy with. I would truly recommend Lori as a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable realtor. She will get the job done and will find answers to all questions. She also has not forgotten me after the sale and even helped me to paint our new home before we moved in. 
— Yvonne Marrero
My name is Mike Sennette, and sometimes I feel like Mrs. Alvarez is my mother. Since I have met and worked with Mrs. Alvarez I have felt this way for so many reasons. About six months ago, I was like anybody else looking for a home. Mrs. Alvarez came along and truly enlightened me and took me under her wings. All I did was give her what I was looking for, and I can honestly say that every week, she had more than enough homes for me to look at. She not only provided me with information about the homes, but she also made many suggestions and truly taught me a lot about looking for a good home. One thing that I really enjoyed and was completely blown away with was that when I worked overtime or wasn’t able to view a house, she would make that trip to the house and view it for me. Not only did she make many trips, but she stayed diligent amidst any problems or personal life concerns. She is truly a great person and I have a deep respect for her. She definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. It took her and I six months to get a home and she fought every second of the way. Unlike most people who care only for the business and the fame, Mrs. Alvarez cares about someone’s well being and future. There were plenty of homes that she could have recommended for me, but she was aware of what I could afford, and she placed herself in my financial shoes. Moreover, she made some serious decisions that were beneficial to me. She is simply the best and I’m truly satisfied............ 
— Mark Sennette

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